What we do

Nexus Telecom provides off-the-shelf solutions and services to monitor, test and measure how a subscriber experiences the service provided by an operator. Nexus Telecom has its roots in Service & Network Performance Management and Roaming Monitoring, and is one of the major players in the Service Assurance Domain belonging to the OSS industry. Nexus Telecom's analytical software solutions, as well as our real-time investigation systems and techniques, allow telecommunication service degradations and network malfunctions to be quickly detected and appropriate resolutions to be determined.

Operator Business Areas

Nexus Telecom products and solutions support the following Operator Business Areas:

Customer Solutions & Products

Nexus Telecom solutions are built based on off-the-shelf (COTS) standard software components and are always designed and proven in the field with one of our lead customers. The experience we gain in these key partnerships flow back into the road map of our standard products. During regular Closed User Group (CUG) meetings, our product road maps are regularly shared and discussed with our key customers.


Nexus Telecom offers Operational Support, including standard service and maintenance packages, as well as customized options available upon request, from implementation through optimization. Available services include:

  • A 24/7 telephone hotline
  • Web support and remote support
  • Operations and maintenance for all Nexus solutions
  • Teams in Zurich, Malaysia & Pakistan providing support in local time zones

Our specialists will be happy to assist with Updates and Upgrades, Preventative Monitoring, overall System Health checkups, as well as other needs. Please see our Maintenance/Support Page for full details on our service packages.

Our Expertise

What makes Nexus Telecom unique, besides our Service Assurance Process experience including application of TMF standards?

  • Experts in data acquisition with passive probes or active automated test programs; generic mediation software
  • Experts in data correlation, handling, filtering/aggregation, high volume data processing, analysis and presentation
  • Experts in data transmission protocols, data (ETL) warehousing, EDGE Technology and Web Applications
  • Experts in Software Engineering, Generic Software Manufacturing
  • Experts in the latest network technologies, telecom trends, telecom protocols and telecom network knowledge

Many network operators and service providers around the globe already benefit from our network technology-agnostic products, solutions and experience. And through our offices around the world, we are close to help you with your network technology and telecom needs - contact us to find out what we can do for you!

Managed Service Projects

Nexus Telecom also engages in Managed Services projects to actively monitor and troubleshoot the network and services of the operators. Recently, Zain in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (KSA) employed Nexus Telecom to observe and assess traffic distribution through its Roaming Links, thus discovering that many of their links were approaching full capacity. Nexus Telecom made it possible for Zain to reconfigure existing links and activate new ones to ensure adequate capacity. Nexus Telecom's software then analyzed the performance of Zain's Roaming accounts, to test and screen the Roaming statistics generated, and verified that Roaming calls were being steered away from their network. Nexus Telecom identified Zain's affected customers by extracting their International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) numbers, which were forwarded to their Roaming Partners for action. With up to 3 million Roaming customers, the cost of Nexus Telecom's Roaming Investigation Solution was recovered within just one month.