The Noser Group

Nexus Telecom is a member of the Noser group of companies, originally founded in 1984.

Member companies concentrate independently on their own areas of technology and engineering expertise, while offering mutual assistance to cope with special demands. A relaxed holding structure provides maximum financial and entrepreneurial freedom for each company, while centralizing administrative tasks.

Noser Group

Operating Companies

  • Nexus Telecom AG
    Integrated System Software for Telecom and Enterprise network performance monitoring
  • Noser Engineering AG
    Software for IT, telecommunication and industrial applications
  • Bucher + Suter AG
    Solutions for call centres, CRM, voice response and browser-based control technology
  • FROX communication
    Software and monitoring systems for telecom and industrial operating processes
    Comprehensive IT solutions for successful corporate business

Minority Participations

  • awtec AG
    Your partner for radical innovations. Research and development for the industry