Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Customer Experience Management systems lacked the fast on-line feedback for businesses to respond quickly and assist customers when service experiences are poor. Preventing degraded service delivery is key to keep Customers loyal and become advocates to attract new Customers, especially in the social network culture today.

To manage customer experiences to prevent faulty service, network systems need to:

  • Monitor VIP customer service quality with on-line service performance alarms
  • Respond and resolve issues quickly to avoid them affecting customer experiences
  • Invest in tools to establish and maintain the Customer Experience focus.

Network operational data has broadened its appeal into the Customer Experience Management and Marketing areas. To respond fast to potential bad Customer experiences , detection of service degradation in real time is required. Resolving issues in minimum time requires accessing customer data on-line, which gives further analysis of signaling data, especially for VIP and business customers.

Customer transactions capturing and service monitoring solutions allow:

  • Service support to respond quickly to network and service performance alarms
  • Customer Care to investigate on-line with end-to-end customer experience data
  • Flexible reporting to detect changing customer behavior trends and network threats
  • Detection of changes in roaming partner strategies for roaming subscribers
  • On-line customer experience data feeds for post processing applications

Nexus Telecom systems provide new insights into customer experience and service performance. These insights help encourage the customer focus within operations and lift customer service delivery expectations, which are both essential to enhance brand image in today's social networking culture.

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Customer roaming experiences are also monitored on line with an application checking international signaling and roaming traffic statistics. When customer experience issues arise, a proactive test system helps verify roaming services are functioning correctly as agreed with partner networks.

To avoid poor customer experiences and verify customer services are functioning, service testing can be performed during new access network roll-outs, after network configuration changes or after network switch software updates. The record of each service test call or data session is recorded in a central database for service degradation alarming.

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