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Nexus Telecom and Aito deepen partnership to bring a joint partner product to the market

May 19, 2014 - Zurich, Switzerland

Partner Product Enables Mobile Operators to Analyze Customer Experience, Quality & Value on Individual Subscriber Basis.

Today, Nexus Telecom AG of Switzerland, one of the leading providers of network and service monitoring & testing systems, and Aito Technologies, the leading provider of customer experience analytics (CEA) for mobile operators, announce plans to bring a joint partner product to the market. This joint partner product is named "Operation Center Adviser", developed exclusively under the Nexus-Aito partnership announced in February 2013, becomes part of the NexusNETVIEW product line. NexusNETVIEW OCA utilizes its probe data as the sole data source and harnesses Aito CEA 6's analytical capabilities for stimulating customer value and satisfaction.

NexusNETVIEW OCA will be used by mobile operators to analyze customer experience, quality, value and satisfaction on an individual subscriber basis. This is achieved by recognizing network bottlenecks, offering improvements and recommendations, and then feeding the information as concrete actions to either operator personnel or into third party OSS / BSS systems. As the roman empire OCA was a name used for the guardian of the house, NexusNETVIEW OCA will become the guardian of the NOC/SOC.

NexusNETVIEW OCA recommends products and retention activities for high value customers with good experience, and removal of bottlenecks if these customers have a poor experience. For lower value customers with poor experience, the product recommends removal of easy and obvious network bottlenecks.

Since NexusNETVIEW OCA will have a direct Access to NexusNETVIEW FSA "Full Session Analyser", the overall solution enables deeper technical troubleshooting through context-specific drill-downs to probe data for protocol analysis and call tracing. This allows network and service operation users to start analysis from a unified network level and continue seamlessly even into atomic details of traffic data.

Commenting on the announcement, Anssi Tauriainen, Aito Technologies' CEO, said: "Aito's vision is to bring intelligence into Customer Experience Analytics. We are happy to deepen the relationship with Nexus and launch an exclusive joint product that is able to bring very advanced, concrete use cases and actions with immediate benefits to bear directly on the operations for mobile networks. There has been a clear and obvious demand in the market for a product like this for some while and we believe it will receive strong interest and traction from mobile operators."

Thomas Sutter, COO of Nexus Telecom AG, said: "The true force behind new products is to be found in the people who invented it. Therefore, to bring a new level of expertise into the SW we are selling to NOC/SOC teams all over the world it takes the joint effort of two best of bread companies like Aito and Nexus Telecom. To be able to found and foster such partnerships will be the critical enabler in the future to deliver true next generation OSS/BSS products. This will be just the start of it."

At Mobile World Congress in 2013, Aito announced that its CEA 6's architecture will be developed towards a more modular approach to enable deeper integration with OSS / BSS products from other vendors. Now in 2014, NexusNETVIEW OCA is one of the first partner products on top of Aito CEA 6.

NexusNETVIEW OCA is exclusively available to Nexus customers and will be fully Nexus branded and supported. NexusNETVIEW OCA will be available for demonstration at the Nexus Telecom expo stand at booth #44 at TMForum Management World 2014 in Nice, 3-5 June, and at booth BN1-01 at CommunicAsia 2014 in Singapore, 17-20 June.

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29 September 2014

Nexus Telecom partners with Streambow to improve customer experience

Nexus Telecom and Streambow have entered a strategic partnership in recognition of the synergies between Streambow’s Xperience Customer Feedback App and Nexus Telecom's NexusNETVIEW system platform used by numerous telecom network operators worldwide for business and operations support in their fixed and wireless networks.

21 June 2014

Nexus Telecom’s fantastic 4 days at CommunicAsia 2014, Singapore

6 June 2014

Nexus Telecom exhibited at TM Forum Management in Nice this year

3 June 2014

Nexus Telecom and Aito Technologies Launch New Product

Nexus Telecom and Aito Technologies announce plans to bring a joint partner product to the market. This joint partner product is named "Operation Center Adviser", developed exclusively under the Nexus-Aito partnership announced in February 2013, becomes part of the NexusNETVIEW product line.

8-11 December 2014

Come and visit TM Forum Live! Digital Disruption this year in San Jose, California where Nexus Telecom will be present with its best-in-class solutions.

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