New, high-speed 40 Gb/s Capture Cards Launched for Mobile Broadband Monitoring

February 21, 2012 - Zurich, Switzerland

Nexus Telecom is pleased to announce the availability of a new range of high-speed packet capture cards. Nexus Telecom's NexusNETVIEW now supports 40 Gb/s capture packets from high-speed Ethernet.


Capturing 40 Gb/s transmissions

The high capacity enables access at 40 Gb/s transmission speeds. This provides additional technical interface capability four times faster than traditional 10 Gb/s transmissions. The new probe interfaces now have increased port density to support more 10G links per probe using 4x10Gbps port cards, as well support the new 40 Gbps per port standard IEEE 802.3bg-2011 for single-mode optic fibre. This increases the flexibility to use the high speed probes from Nexus Telecom in any current and upcoming network technology.

Part of the LTE monitoring support from NexusNETVIEW

This enhancement is also part of the LTE monitoring support from NexusNETVIEW, where the traffic growth in the networks will be essential, when compared to the first iPhone and 3G introduction, which lead to never seen before mobile broadband traffic increases.

Better customer experience management of Mobile Broadband traffic

Nexus Telecom knows that with ever-increasing Mobile Broadband traffic, there is great future demand and need for this capacity over multiple connections. Nexus Telecom's new high-speed 40 Gb/s card range provides an efficient means of packet processing and delivery of relevant reports on traffic and user behavior, for better customer experience management.

To find out more information on NexusNETVIEW Mobile Broadband applications, click here.


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