<!-- provide regular anchor links for search engines to follow --> <i> <h1>Download Nexus Telecom Press Releases</h1> The following Nexus Telecom press releases are available for download: <a href="/documents/press_releases/20130712_nexusverifier_mobilink_success_story.pdf">12 July 2013 - Overwhelming success of NexusVERIFIER's proactive testing in Mobilink's revenue assurance project</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20130221_nexustelecom_aito_partnership.pdf">21 February 2013 - Nexus Telecom and Aito Technologies Join Forces for Unique Customer Experience Analytics</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20120820_nexusnetview_7_1.pdf">20 August 2012 - NexusNETVIEW Release 7.1 gives Operators the online CEM Response they've been looking for</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20110411_real_time_subscriber_info_for_clv_at_digi_malaysia.pdf">11 April 2011 - Nexus Telecom empowers DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia with Real-Time Detailed Subscriber Information for CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20101118_nexusmediation_middle_east_cellular_provider.pdf">18 November 2010 - Nexus Telecom is pleased to announce the adoption of its successful NexusMEDIATION solution by a major cellular provider in Pakistan</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20100705_new_nexus8630_lte_qos_protocol_analyzer.pdf">5 July 2010 - Nexus Telecom's new Nexus8630 Protocol Analyzer helps maintain QoS in LTE Labs around the world</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20100611_nexus8610_lte_load_test_system.pdf">11 June 2010 - Nexus Telecom Deploys First LTE Massive Load Test System at Tier 1 US Service Provider</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20090614_launch_nexusverifier_communicasia.pdf">14 June 2009 - Nexus Telecom launches NexusVERIFIER at CommunicAsia 2009</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20080702_ttcn3_testing.pdf">2 July 2008 - Dramatic Efficiency Increase with TTCN-3 Load Testing</a> </i>
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2-5 June 2014

Come and visit Nexus Telecom at the TMForum Management World 2014 event in Nice, France to learn more about cutting-edge solutions to inspire new insights, setting the stage for future success.

Come and visit us at the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice, France at booth #44!

17-20 June 2014

Come and visit Nexus Telecom at the CommunicAsia 2014 event in Singapore to learn more about telecom power solutions that aid in converging technologies.

Come and visit us in Singapore at booth BN1-01!

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