<!-- provide regular anchor links for search engines to follow --> <i> <h1>Download Nexus Telecom Press Releases</h1> The following Nexus Telecom press releases are available for download: <a href="/documents/press_releases/20130712_nexusverifier_mobilink_success_story.pdf">12 July 2013 - Overwhelming success of NexusVERIFIER's proactive testing in Mobilink's revenue assurance project</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20130221_nexustelecom_aito_partnership.pdf">21 February 2013 - Nexus Telecom and Aito Technologies Join Forces for Unique Customer Experience Analytics</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20120820_nexusnetview_7_1.pdf">20 August 2012 - NexusNETVIEW Release 7.1 gives Operators the online CEM Response they've been looking for</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20110411_real_time_subscriber_info_for_clv_at_digi_malaysia.pdf">11 April 2011 - Nexus Telecom empowers DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia with Real-Time Detailed Subscriber Information for CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20101118_nexusmediation_middle_east_cellular_provider.pdf">18 November 2010 - Nexus Telecom is pleased to announce the adoption of its successful NexusMEDIATION solution by a major cellular provider in Pakistan</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20100705_new_nexus8630_lte_qos_protocol_analyzer.pdf">5 July 2010 - Nexus Telecom's new Nexus8630 Protocol Analyzer helps maintain QoS in LTE Labs around the world</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20100611_nexus8610_lte_load_test_system.pdf">11 June 2010 - Nexus Telecom Deploys First LTE Massive Load Test System at Tier 1 US Service Provider</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20090614_launch_nexusverifier_communicasia.pdf">14 June 2009 - Nexus Telecom launches NexusVERIFIER at CommunicAsia 2009</a> <a href="/documents/press_releases/20080702_ttcn3_testing.pdf">2 July 2008 - Dramatic Efficiency Increase with TTCN-3 Load Testing</a> </i>
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21 June 2014

Nexus Telecom’s fantastic 4 days at CommunicAsia 2014, Singapore

6 June 2014

Nexus Telecom exhibited at TM Forum Management in Nice this year

3 June 2014

Nexus Telecom and Aito Technologies Launch New Product

Nexus Telecom and Aito Technologies announce plans to bring a joint partner product to the market. This joint partner product is named "Operation Center Adviser", developed exclusively under the Nexus-Aito partnership announced in February 2013, becomes part of the NexusNETVIEW product line.

8-11 December 2014

Come and visit TM Forum Live! Digital Disruption this year in San Jose, California where Nexus Telecom will be present with its best-in-class solutions.

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