Nexus8630 - Portable Telecom Protocol Analyzer for LTE to 2G, 3G Interworking Analysis

Product Description

Ever wished you could trace any mobile subscriber activity through the LTE access to 3G network? With portable Nexus8630 you can!

Nexus8630 is a telecom protocol analyzer usable as a central protocol analyzer with distributed high performance passive probes or as a portable protocol analyzer for troubleshooting purposes. When using the distributed probes, then these are continuously monitoring network access for testing of all fixed interfaces of mobile radio networks (GSM, GSM-R, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, CDMA2000, WiMAX, LTE), access networks (V5, ISDN, SS#7, NGN) . This allows cross-technology call trace analysis, which is indispensable to quality of service maintenance in convergent networks.

From a centralized location, Nexus8630 offers sophisticated and comprehensive monitoring and analysis capabilities on user-selected links - with no scheduling necessary. Nexus8630 continuously monitors and depicts full Call Trace and protocol details, offering a very cost-effective means to secure the highest quality of service for your most important subscribers.


  • Portable telecom protocol analyzer covering all types of technologies from 2G to LTE
  • Centralized protocol analysis of LTE access activities with exported CDRs and KPIs
  • Can be combined with/migrated to the NexusNETVIEW monitoring system
  • Full call trace analysis (online and historic)
  • Detailed call flow visualization between LTE access elements (ladder diagrams)
  • Unique export and import capabilities
  • Instant correlation of message flows over different types of interfaces and technologies
  • Simple, easy to use for multi-user analysis on captured traces, with intuitive GUI operation
  • Unique flexibility in KPI definitions with alarming capability
  • Cost-effective portable solution to maintain quality of service in LTE, UMTS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA, CDMA2000, NGN and GSM-Rail.

Centralized Monitoring At Your Fingertips

Nexus8630 allows you to stay in control of converging networks! As a permanently installed, passive, probe-based protocol analyzer system, Nexus8630 allows centralized management and troubleshooting of your network with an annual operational cost significantly less than handheld local protocol analyzer equipment. Nexus8630 has also been successfully deployed in several major network manufacturer test laboratories in Europe and the USA.

Your engineers can not only remotely monitor any link in the network in real time, they also have access to traffic that occurred days previously so that you can analyze problems with data that corresponds to the time that the problem occurred. And, because the system is permanently situated, there are no travel costs, unintentional link interruptions, access site coordination logistics and other issues associated with using local protocol analyzer equipment.

Moreover, the Nexus8630 telecom protocol analyzer allows instant correlation of message flows over different types of interfaces and technologies!

You'll find it extremely valuable to watch calls progressing through your network from a central location. Combined with a powerful and customizable reporting tool, Nexus8630 will considerably reduce the time it takes to fix problems, so you can get your network operational much faster.

Application Areas

Keep in control of your converging networks by analyzing LTE to 3G/UMTS transactions, NGN to Legacy SS7 Voice-Call Tracing with RTP flows and LTE/3G Mobile Broadband data.

Nexus8630 Portable Telecom Protocol AnalyzerAs new technologies conquer the telecom arena, executives responsible for operations are increasingly concerned about the functioning and reliability of the new network elements, e.g.:

  • Analyzing LTE signaling and correlating transactions with Mobile Broadband user plane across the LTE / 3G access networks provides operators and manufacturers with unparalleled capability to build customized CDRs and KPIs for analysis and export.
  • Tracing VoIP to Legacy SS7 transactions, including RTP User Plane and Signaling, will be critical to mitigating those risks and keeping control of the new technological elements in an all IP network.
  • Additionally, the portable high throughput trace capturing and call tracing capabilities has been combined with a Wireshark integration.

Nexus8630 Portable Telecom Protocol Analyzer

  • LTE
  • UMTS
  • GSM & GSM-R (incl. ETCS)
  • GPRS (incl. EDGE and PoC)
  • NGN/VoIP
  • SS7/ISUP
  • EDSS1 & V5

Network traffic for above interface technologies can be captured on all common physical interface ports, including:

  • E1/T1
  • STM-1/oc3
  • Ethernet/1 GigabitEthernet/10 GigabitEthernet

Captured and stored trace data can be used to retroactively analyze network problems that either no longer exhibit themselves on the network or are intermittent and not easily reproduced. The portable Nexus8630 supports the complete set of wireless network standards including S1, X2, S3, S11, S6a, S5, Gx and Gy for LTE, Iub, Iur, IuCS and IuPS for UMTS, Abis, A, Gb, Gn, Gp, Gi, Gr and Gs for GSM/GPRS, CDMA and CDMA2000. It also supports the various vendor-specific variants, including: Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia, Lucent, Siemens, Nortel, Huawei and Motorola. In addition to decoding control plane messages, the Nexus8630 telecom protocol analyzer also deciphers encrypted signaling to enable the operator to obtain complete information about the network traffic.

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The following documents are available for download: