NexusNETVIEW Signaling Intelligence - E2E Full Session Analyzer (FSA)

Full Session Analyzer

NexusNETVIEW Signaling Intelligence offers centralized online E2E Session Analysis features based on Communication Detail Records (CDRs) for voice calls and data services. The Signaling Inteligence application captures and correlates signaling data from protocol stacks such as:

  • GPRS (Gx, Gy protocol)
  • UMTS (Iux)
  • VoIP (SIP, H.323, H.248, MGCP, RTP)
  • CDMA (IS-41, IOS)
  • W-LAN

End-to-End Session Tracing

Signaling Intelligence simultaneously monitors and stores all signaling activities in your wireless and/or wireline network(s). Raw signaling data collected from the passive monitoring probes are correlated on-line across the network and stored as individual CDRs, which can be immediately retrieved and visualized. Comprehensive centralized/remote protocol analysis features allow very fast in-depth analysis of the signaling flow and protocol details.

CDR Creation "on-the-fly"

Signaling Intelligence continuously captures all signaling activities and creates corresponding records for each communication leg (CLR - Communication Leg Record). For each End-to-End signaling transaction, all participating CLRs are correlated and grouped into a single CDR. Signaling Inteligence creates CDRs for communication transactions such as:

  • Voice calls (PSTN, Mobile, VoIP, NGN)
  • Messaging (SMS, MMS)
  • Location updates (mobile networks)
  • Data sessions (GPRS, UMTS, LTE, W-LAN)

Session signalling Flow and Protocol Analysis

For each CDR, the event sequence chart visualizes the signaling call / data transaction flow and all participating CLRs. Thus, signaling transactions can be followed from a single workstation in every detail through all network interfaces, including the DSS1-Interface, the SIGTRAN-Interface and multiple IN and HLR queries - all within one single CDR. Moreover, Signaling Intelligence's powerful built-in Protocol Analyzer enables visualization of CDR details - for all individual protocols!

Signaling Intelligence is highly scalable, allowing proven cost-effective and vendor-independent signaling surveillance for all networks, small, medium and large - with transaction rates of up to several hundred million CDRs per day. Even with huge CDR data collections, intelligent multi-criteria search algorithms allow for CDR searching and retrieving within seconds.