NexusVERIFIER – Active Automated Telecom Test Solution

Active Automated Telecom Test Solution

NexusVERIFIER is an active test solution for simultaneous execution of numerous test campaigns across a multitude of network technologies and service applications – all from a single point in your core network.

Simulating all aspects of user behavior in the network, NexusVERIFIER continuously and proactively analyzes service performance. And, of course, continuous service testing enables you to find and solve service issues before your customers even notice any service or quality degradation.

Key Benefits

  • Automated centralized network-wide testing from a single point in your core network
  • 24x7 scheduled test campaigns automatically executed; no need to go on-site
  • No impact on valuable Air Resources
  • Shortened Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) with exact problem location detection and reproducibility
  • Automatic report and alarm generation and forwarding
  • Modular design – only purchase the service applications you require
  • With your superior quality of service, prevent customers switching to other operators and attract Roaming customers
  • Quickly and easily designed test campaigns
  • Re-use existing tests
  • Export of test call CDRs for billing verification

Service Verification Areas

Whether you are looking to improve

the NexusVERIFIER Test Suite can meet your service verification needs. And, with the International Roaming Monitoring (IRM) and Billing Verification extensions, NexusVERIFIER can further increase your profitability.

Modular Design

Based on the following modular set of components, NexusVERIFIER provides an active comprehensive testing suite to ensure proper functioning of networks and services:

  • Easy-to-Use Test GUI
  • Test Campaign and Scheduler Modules
  • Automatic Reporting and Alarm Modules
  • Powerful Test Module
  • Central Payload Analyzer
  • SIM Server

NexusVERIFIER - For «Intelligent» Business

Spanning a multitude of services and providing the necessary flexibility for future growth as your technology and service offerings expand, the NexusVERIFIER test solution helps solve critical operational and business issues in order to improve your customers’ experience and increase your profitability.

Operating from a central point in your network, testing with NexusVERIFIER is possible across the entire network without deploying hardware modules at each site. Moreover, NexusVERIFIER does not utilize valuable air interface resources while simulating end-user experience.

Key Features

  • All network technologies supported on a single platform, including LTE
  • End-user testing through any switch in the network from a central location
  • Fully scalable; simply exchange hardware interface cards as transmission technology changes
  • Flexible test campaigns: Manage your business any time, any where in your network – remotely and without supervision
  • Test all mobile services without utilizing valuable revenue generating air resources
  • Simultaneous testing of peak traffic loads and quality of service
  • Automatic alarms when customer services are not available, when service quality degradations occur and when reaction time worsens
  • Wide set of comprehensive, customizable reports

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With NexusVERIFIER at MTN in South Africa, Nexus Telecom scores a Winner at the Football World Cup 2010 with Service Verification per Mobile Cell.