2.5 / 3G Service Monitoring

Sense the Pulse of Data-Services

NexusNETVIEW's IP Reporting Suite allows you to easily monitor and supervise service KPI (Key Performance Indicators) in your GPRS and UMTS network.

The IP Reporting Solution identifies and groups reports by GPRS network areas, such as SGSN, GGSN, APN or subsequent groups. Also traffic destined to or originating from certain IP ranges may be visualized.

Service KPI - Your Reputation at Stake

The customer's perception of a service is based on the service KPI. It is therefore key to know your network's KPI performance in the service arena, as these KPI will reflect customer satisfaction with corresponding services. Following service KPI are visualized:

  • MMS
    Download/upload delay, success rates, error rates (per error cause, per terminal), average message size.
    Most visited (ranking), success/error rates (per error cause), average delay time
  • FTP
    Server ranking, file ranking, average throughput, success/error rates (per error cause)
  • Radius
    Delay, success/error rates, concurrent IP assignments
  • GTP
    Attachments/sec, success/error rates, RAU/IRAU statistics, concurrent attached users, average session duration, average attachment time
  • VoIP/PTT
    SIP sequences in "Push-to-Talk" service, number of calls, sum of call minutes, success/error rates, throughput percentage
  • Terminal Devices
    GPRS attached End-user terminal (mobile phone) statistic, terminal-Firmware, error rates per terminal/device
  • Roaming Subscribers
    Throughput, accessed services, error rates/causes, number of active subscribers, terminal statistics.