Use Case - Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Most executives believe that they are providing a superior customer experience. Fact is customers are changing service providers without directly complaining due to the rapid expansion of social networking.

Customer experience stories travel fast and undetected between your existing and future customers. How would you feel when an important call is dropped or when your internet service is once again slow or not working? What insight do you have into the indicators leading to customer loyalty?

Customer Experience Design

If knowledge about your customers is not driving operational execution then the customer's perspective is missing. Customer touch point information is often embedded within systems of disjointed "big data" from your Billing, Operations, Marketing, Service Assurance and Customer Care teams.

Nexus Telecom provides systems that capture and combine various on-line network data sources providing new network-wide insights into Customer Experience and Service performance. Accessing these new insights support Customer Care in lifting customer service expectations, which is essential to enhance your positive network Operator image in today's social networking culture.


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