Roaming Service Assurance

Proactive service testing for improved customer experience and higher profitability.

Roaming Services Challenge

The unprecedented growth of mobile users and available mobile services worldwide has significantly changed the importance of revenues arising from international Roaming, rendering Roaming income a major asset for every mobile operator – an asset well worth protecting!

To ensure and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, network operators and service providers require constant reassurance regarding the availability, stability, reliability, performance and quality of their mobile services for in-bound Roaming subscribers.

NexusVERIFIER actively tests mobile services to continuously verify that customers Roaming in your network can access their services. Moreover, with the International Roaming (IRM) extension, it can detect Roaming issues your customers experience abroad.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous active testing of in-bound Roaming service quality for early detection of service degradation
  • Minimize service outage times through proactive testing of Roaming services’ availability
  • Verify prepaid functions for Roamers
  • Know where your subscribers are located abroad and the issues they face there
  • Identify additional opportunities for revenue generation by tracking and analyzing Roaming usage
  • International Roaming Monitoring (IRM Extension):
    • Monitor your Roaming customers abroad
    • Detect service issues your Roaming customers experience in other providers’ networks
    • Increase revenues for out-bound Roaming by ensuring your customers are able to access another provider’s network
  • Billing Verification (Extension):
    • Ensure correct billing of Roaming calls

NexusVERIFIER Test Suite

NexusVERIFIER provides the leading solution for proactive, continuous testing and verification of Roaming services. The NexusVERIFIER Test Module and SIM Server provide a unique centralized testing solution for simulating real subscribers for any service provider across any type of mobile network. Rather than consume valuable air interface resources, NexusVERIFIER is the only solution which interfaces at your core network and
provides network-wide testing coverage from a single point.

NexusVERIFIER has a comprehensive testing portfolio to ensure in-bound Roaming meets your availability, quality and performance standards. Together, the testing modules ensure that you are continuously verifying that Roaming subscribers are successfully accessing and using the network, while ensuring your revenue streams are secured.

Unparalleled test support for out-bound Roaming is also available through the IRM Extension. This verifies that your own customers are able to use their mobile services in other providers’ networks without deploying testing gear at multiple locations. The same centralized approach ensures that you can efficiently test in-bound traffic and monitor the out-bound Roaming data without increasing your total cost of ownership.

Key Features

  • Continuous heartbeat tests of Roaming services offered to Roaming partners; verify all mobile end-user services at the core network
  • Automated IREG Testing for 2G, 2.5G and 3G subscribers
  • Central SIM server using actual SIM cards (USIM / 2GSIM cards); easy subscriber management; support for up to 5,000 SIM cards
  • Maximum efficiency in testing of network services; no valuable airtime is consumed during testing
  • Measure data service reaction and delivery times; measure speech quality
  • Detect whether your network plays the appropriate announcements (i.e. IVR extension)
  • Test your services automated from a central location for more than 100 core network elements (MSC, MGW, SGSN)
  • Hundreds of automated Service Status Reports for various mobile subscriber groups
  • Integrated Alarming for Roaming Service Outages
  • Verify that your customers are able to Roam on other providers’ networks; use the IRM Extension to quickly detect outbound Roaming issues
  • Possibility to trigger other network monitor systems for further network-wide root cause analysis