Success Story - Zain's Power Roaming Solution

September 2010 - NexusNETVIEW and NexusVERIFIER : Roaming Investigation Solution

"ZAIN secured roaming business and full ROI in just one roaming season!"

Yusaf Al-Matrook, Wholesale Director

"Zain in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (KSA) is delighted with Nexus Telecom's Roaming Investigation Solution, which we have used for everything from observing traffic trends, identifying capacity issues and detecting overloaded links to assessing Roaming performance, understanding customer experience and managing Steering of Roaming. We are also very pleased with the support and services provided by Nexus Telecom, particularly those received during the Hajj.

With over 3 million visitors converging in and around Mecca in the 12th month of the Islamic calendar each year, we were readily able to observe general Roaming trends with Nexus Telecom's Roaming Investigation Solution, which quickly alarmed us to serious capacity issues and detection of overloaded Roaming links, ultimately helping us to secure these Roaming revenues - and the entire return on our investment (ROI) - in just one peak season!"

Yusaf Al-Matrook, Wholesale Director

Nexus Telecom's Roaming Investigation Solution

Nexus Telecom's Roaming Investigation Solution is unique in that it combines passive monitoring probes with active test units - live traffic monitoring and heartbeat testing - to provide a truly efficient and cost-effective Roaming solution with a quick ROI.

  • Probe-based real-time end-to-end monitoring with NexusNETVIEW
  • Active heartbeat testing with NexusVERIFIER

Whereas NexusNETVIEW provides subscriber-centric end-to-end quality & performance data, in real-time and across all technologies, NexusVERIFIER's automated active heartbeat test system continuously simulates all aspects of user behavior in the network to proactively analyze (Roaming) service performance.


Zain Detects Capacity Issues

Suspecting that it wasn't achieving its full Roaming revenue potential during the annual Hajj, Zain employed NexusNETVIEW to observe and assess traffic distribution through its Roaming Links, thus discovering that many of their Saudi Arabian links were approaching full capacity. Identifying these capacity issues in advance of the Hajj made it possible for Zain to reconfigure existing links and activate new ones to ensure adequate capacity for all expected visitors.

Zain Focuses on Roaming Performance

With capacity no longer an issue, Zain prudently turned its attention to the performance of its Roaming accounts, using NexusNETVIEW's International Roaming Monitoring (IRM) application to drill down into the network to isolate problem causes. For example, while a location update success rate of 96-97% is considered normal, Zain chose to apply IRM to success rates under 80% and found that the source of the problem was often Steering.

Zain Ensures Connectivity to Roaming Partners

Upon finding Roaming performance issues with NexusNETVIEW, Zain performed heartbeat tests with NexusVERIFIER to screen the Roaming statistics generated and verify that these problems were real.

Zain Offsets Steering of Roaming

Having detected and confirmed that Roaming calls were being steered away from their network, Zain used NexusNETVIEW to identify affected customers by extracting their International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) numbers, which were forwarded to their Roaming Partners for action.

With up to 3 million Roaming customers, the cost of Nexus Telecom's Roaming Investigation Solution was recovered in just one Roaming season.

Secure Your Roaming Business and Revenues

With outbound Roaming activities serviced in foreign networks and inbound Roaming activities subject to the whims of Roaming Partners, crucial Roaming revenues often elude wireless network operators.

The fact that Roamers can so easily switch to other networks, real-time customer experience requires active investigation and verification to ensure the quality of Roaming services. This is where Nexus Telecom's Roaming Investigation Solution excels.

Just Ask Zain!

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