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Schaffhausen, Switzerland: Nexus Telecom Switzerland AG announces the latest edition of their flagship Application Performance Monitoring (APM) platform, NexusNETVIEW 10.

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The latest generation of NexusNETVIEW is an open ‘big-data’ platform for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), supporting cost-effective integration of multi-dimensional data assets in an OPEN and unlimited search, analytics and automation architecture. NexusNETVIEW 10 also retains NEXUS’ core tech which continues to deliver

  • industry-leading automatic end-to-end real-time application and service monitoring,
  • unparalleled adaptability to multivendor and multi-technology networks, and
  • exceptional troubleshooting for human-human, human-machine & machine-to-machine communications.

Speaking about their experience with Nexus, Oriol Pedral, CTO at Avatel Spain notes that

“As one of the fastest growing MVNOs in Spain, we needed a real time, end-to-end, troubleshooting and performance management platform, capable of working at scale across a diverse and growing network environment. We also chose NEXUS because they design their platforms to be readily adaptable and for their highly customer-oriented culture”.

To optimize their network, business, and customer operations, traditionally CSPs undertook big-budget overhauls of their monitoring and data infrastructure. Now, with NexusNETVIEW 10, existing data assets and tools can be retained while its open-architecture is used to gradually migrate and grow new use cases and applications on a universal and technically futureproof platform.

At the recent Mobile World Congress, NEXUS’ CTO, Christian Eichenberger explained

“No two CSPs are the same in our experience, their operational processes are often burdened by constraints in older data management and orchestration tools. NexusNETVIEW 10 liberates CSP’s from that burden, offering a low-cost path to an open, integrated and hyper-flexible platform where high value use cases, applications and automations can be easily tailored for their operational teams and processes.”

For over 20 years NexusNETVIEW delivers superior data-driven business outcomes, set ever-higher benchmarks for customer experience, and assures human and critical infrastructure security.

Co-designed with leading Tier 1 CSPs to reliably manage 10s of millions of end-to-end real-time user sessions for voice, video and data applications, NexusNETVIEW 10 is available now, with new apps (e.g. Customer Care) being rolled out at a rate of one-a-month. Clients are invited to apply for a free consultation and demo by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us: +41 44 355 66 11

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