Solutions for business operations 

Our purpose is to deliver superior real-time data refinement, management and orchestration solutions to assure optimal business operations performnce at minimal expense 


Improve your business operations  efficiency and customer satisfaction

Business operations rely on the right data being delivered at the right time to the right tools, platforms, teams, and decision makers. Use our apps or our data refinement, management and orchestration engines assure the best possible results for you and your customers.

Open vProbe

Universal 360° Analytics Hub

Use-Case and App Co-Design


Use our Open vProbe (OvP) capability to save cost by recycling existing probes and avoid the need to completely replace your existing monitoring infrastructure.

Our unique Dual Mediation Architecture (DMA) and Smart Analytics Engine (SAE) means data from any source can be used to design and deploy customized and optimized use cases and apps for your Customer Experience Management (CEM) and internal operations teams.

Our Client Consultation Team has over 300 years of data management and orchestration knowledge spanning legacy and packet networks. Let us help you design use-cases and apps that optimize use of your data assets to deliver lasting competitive advantage for your business.

Your data management and orchestration infrastructure is unique, as is your operational model. Automation requires careful consideration and design for optimal results. Our Client Consultation Team can help you migrate from automated reporting to fully automated processes and decisions.

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