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Why pro-active mediation & correlation matters

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These days we are overwhelmed by information from multiple channels and our brains are often maxed out trying to sift through for value and use.

This is the same challenge that communication service providers face with their internal data flows. Massive and complex data flows from the network have to be processed, refined, and delivered to multiple downstream tools and applications used by business operations and customer journey teams. With standard mediation approaches this generates a large overhead in terms of processing power, data storage, and energy consumption, especially if real-time or near-real time performance is required. Regular feedback from our clients is that, in speed tests measuring performance from data acquisition to delivery to our apps or third party apps, NEXUS solutions require 50% less processing power and energy making our platform one of the most capex and opex efficient in the market. 

There is a reason for this. Rather than depending on what might be described as 'bulk' mediation, we combine automated mediation and correlation processes that proactively refine the signalling or userplane data from the network, the instant it starts flowing in our system. As a result, some customers refer to our architecture as being hardwired for real-time performance, but that suggests inflexibilty. We prefer to refer to it as adaptible hardwiring – because every network is different – and we have been mastering adapations for CSPs since 1994.  

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