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Coming soon! The power of dual mediation – why you don't need to buy yet another business management platform

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Soon Release 10 of NexusNETVIEW will be available and asone of our BETA customers is beginning to appreciate, its power extends far beyond the horizon of network performance monitoring. You see we've not only added a 2nd mediation engine to support 360deg data management and orchestration but also a hyper flexible Smart Analytics Engine (SAE). 

Capable of combining and refining data sets from the network and any business or customer journey processes, NexusNETVIEW10 gives our exisiting and new customers access to unlimited use cases.

For CSPs, this means unbeatable scalability, with optimal opex and capex as their needs grow and evolve from monitoring all the way through to customer journey orchestration.

In tandem, with NexusNETVIEW 10's release we will be offering a Rapid Prototyping Service (RPS) for uses cases that perhaps you have been dreaming of. To share your dreams, you just need to select a free consultation on any of our product and solution pages. We're ready! 

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