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Time is money – the importance of instant, ready-to-use data

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We are all familiar with the saying but for communication service providers (CSPs) it is an acutely important consideration. The availability and speed of high quality data underpins daily and often critical decisions that drive everything from end-to-end customer journey orchestration, through to managing customer support issues, to network repair. In other words, the availability, speed and quality of data underpins CSP competitiveness, driving revenue performance (net subscriber growth) and cost performance (operational overheads).

For over 25 years Nexus Telecom's design philosophy has been focused on optimizing data management and orchestration to help CSPs improve their competitiveness. Traditionally, we've done this with a focus on data assets acquired from the network (services and applications). Now we can extend this help by mobilizing all the CSPs data assets, using our hyper efficient correlation engine & new dual mediation architecture to deliver instant refined network and businees performance data, analytics, and insights to decision makers. 

In fact, we don’t know of any supplier that outperforms NexusNETVIEW in terms of delivering instant, ready-to-use service and appliaction data to our own apps or those of third parties. And now we can readily ingest, refine, combine analyse or redistribute data from any downstream source in the CSPs data infrastructure.

Swiss Made, with proven industry leading reliability and performance, Netview10 our latest flagship platform, also includes ultra flexible data visualization, automated reporting and decision making (AI). NexusNETVIEW10's modularity and scalability opens up unlimited use cases and provides even the smallest CSP with an organic pay-as-you-grow capex pathway for optimizing their operations and customer experience management (CEM). Test us for speed, test us for cost, we're ready to deliver.

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